About moretonhampstead.net

Moretonhampstead.net is a server set up to offer Internet solutions to local companies (Dartmoor, Devon and beyond) at an affordable price.

The aim of moretonhampstead.net is to offer a local friendly service. Support is available by email, phone and in person without the hassle of long distance automated phone systems and long waiting times.

As well as offering Website development, hosting and domain name registration I run courses on digital imaging, web design and other I.T. topics at the local computer centre in conjunction with Moretonhampstead Development Trust.

moretonhampstead.net has been going since 2002 with very little problems and almost no downtime. I administer the server myself keeping a close eye on effecient running and maintaning top levels of security. It is a shared server and users have the option to keep there files public or private from each other.

Technical information about your hosting at moretonhampstead.net

Hosting is provided on a GNU/Linux webserver running Debian with a 100Mbit Internet connection

With your hosting package on moretonhampstead.net, not only do you get A1 freindly support but you will get a host of features for use with your website:


The server runs a MySQL database server and you get a database with all the hosting packages. This enables you to install a multitude of software on the server or create your own software that uses database access.

You also get web based administration to your database with PHPMyAdmin for easy database manipulations and administration.

PHP, Perl and Python scripting languages

Whether you do your own programming or not, having the capability to run server side scripts is essential for most modern websites. This can be with your own programs or through the use of 'Off the shelf' software downloadable for free from the web. You can run programs such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Forums, Wikis, other Content Management Systems and lots more.


When you register a domain name you get free email hosting. There is no limit (within reason) to the amount of email addresses or email forwarding you can have. The server has a built in spam filter and you can access your email using email client software such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail etc using POP or IMAP. You can also access your email from anywhere using web based email.

Shell access

With hosting at moretonhampstead.net, if you feel the need to use it, you can access the servers command line interface using SSH. This often makes installing software and tracking down problems easier. You can also add scheduled tasks using 'crontab' or 'at' commands and a whole lot more. Information on the linux command line can be found at The Linux Documentation Project and there is a host of help available throughout the web on the subject.

Linux command line

Server backups

Keeping your data safe is a main priority. Backups of your website files and databases are made daily on multiple hard drives in different locations. Not only that but daily, weekly and monthly snapshots are generated so if you do make a mistake and wish to go back to a previous version of your website you can retrieve a snapshot from up to 3 months ago.